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Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Page Not Found is a vibrant contemporary visual arts organisation committed to the exploration and celebration of artistic publishing as an inclusive and transformative medium. We define artistic publishing as the creative appropriation of various means of dissemination, encompassing artist books, printed materials, LP records, radio broadcasts, digital platforms, and more. As an organization, we are committed to providing a dynamic and inclusive space that celebrates the richness of artistic publishing.
Our mission is to introduce this versatile practice to a broader audience, offering a unique tool to transcend institutional, commercial, and normative boundaries. We aim to empower individuals and communities to explore, experiment, and engage with the boundless possibilities that this practice offers.

Vision & Values

Page Not Found envisions a world where artistic publishing transcends boundaries and acts as a catalyst for diverse voices, ideas, and expressions. We firmly believe in the power of this versatile practice to inspire creativity, create economic opportunities, and engage in critical dialogue, making it an essential tool for both artists and audiences.
Our organisation views artistic publishing and self-publishing as integral to a continuum of vital practices that we aim to promote across all our activities. We envision that these practices, marked by their independence and self-expression, challenge the status quo and ultimately contribute to a more inclusive society. Guided by this vision, we have identified three core values that drive our development. They help us stay accountable to ourselves and inspire us to continue this work with integrity and generosity:
Accessibility — Founded by working-class, first-to-university artists, Page Not Found is aware that visible and invisible barriers hinder both makers and audience from engaging with contemporary art and design. We believe everyone is entitled to develop a natural and personal connection with art. We are committed to lowering these barriers by proactively reaching out to various audiences. Central to our identity is the imperative to develop content and program formats which are tailored to engage various audiences, avoiding assumptions on their cultural capital, and ensuring that artistic publishing is accessible to many.
Openness — We are committed to being an open space. We actively seek out different viewpoints and experiences, and we are dedicated to creating a non-hierarchical space that welcomes new forms, urgent messages, radical discourse, and the celebration of difference and vulnerability. We actively seek diverse voices and entrust them with decision-making roles in shaping our program. We stand open for debate, daring approaches and new ideas.
Fair Space —The physical and programmatic spaces of Page Not Found aspire to be distinctive yet accessible. All of our events and workshops are purposefully free of charge. We are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for all our artists, guests, partners, and staff through a shared, reflective, and open process. We respect the artist fee guidelines and work to ensure equitable pay and safe work conditions. We are committed to deliver aims of fair practice through a process of adjustment, transparency, access, training, and representation.

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