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Code of Conduct

Our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive space is paramount. This Code of Conduct outlines the behavior expected from everyone, both online and offline, to ensure an environment where all can thrive.

1. Who it applies to

This Code of Conduct applies to all members of the Page Not Found community, including but not limited to staff members, advisory board, exhibiting artists, artists in residence, partners, sponsors, interns, volunteers, and participants in our online and offline activities.

2. Why we have one

We endeavor to create an intentional space free from harassment and unease. Our aim is to nurture a respectful and collaborative work environment, expecting cooperation from all involved to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.

3. What Page Not Found stands for

At Page Not Found, we are guided by the following principles:
We champion ideal working conditions for artists, supporting their development to the best of our abilities.
We are committed to decolonization and inclusivity, offering a platform to underrepresented international artists.
We encourage the development and sharing of research and knowledge.
We maintain a strong connection with our local community while embracing our international position.
We cultivate an open climate that encourages learning, positive change, and the application of lessons learned.
We prioritise providing a hospitable experience in all our activities.
We stand in solidarity with those fighting against violence and oppressive ideologies of all forms.

4. What we ask of you

At Page Not Found, we promote the following behaviours:
Creating safer spaces that are accessible and comfortable, fostering compassionate innovation.
Centering people with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and bodies.
Actively working together to create spaces of compassion, empathy, sharing, learning, and understanding.
We do not tolerate the following behaviours:
Violence or threats of violence toward another person.
Incitement of violence towards any individual.
Offensive and unwelcome comments, conversations, or presentations related to various aspects of diversity.
Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following.
Sustained disruption of talks or other events.
Inappropriate physical or social contact or sexual attention.
Even if the behaviour was unintentional, the comfort and safety of marginalised individuals will always be prioritised.

5. If this Code is not followed

If you witness or experience any harassing behaviour, please report it immediately to a staff member. Participants asked to stop harassing behaviour must comply immediately. Staff may take appropriate action, including warnings or removal from Page Not Found, as deemed necessary.

6. If this Code is not followed by our staff

If a staff member engages in harassing behaviour, please report it to another staff member AND to our Trust person at: board.secretary (at) page-not-found (dot) nl
Appropriate action will be taken promptly.

7. Feedback

This Code of Conduct is a dynamic document. If you believe anything is missing or could be clarified, please contact us at: board.secretary (at) page-not-found (dot) nl

8. Credit

We encourage the use of this Code of Conduct by other organizations. When doing so, please provide credit to as the original source. We have drawn inspiration from various sources, and we acknowledge the contributions of , CSSConf, JSConf, the Conference Code of Conduct, XOXO Community Code of Conduct, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Parasite,, and the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines. Content from linked sources remains the sole property of their respective authors.

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